Makeup for Different Eye Shapes: Customizing Your Look

As make-up artists, bloggers, and beauty enthusiasts know, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to applying make-up and finding the perfect look. But what many don’t know is that the contours of our eye shape can greatly influence the makeup look that suits us best! From almond eyes to round eyes, learn how to customize your makeup based on your unique eye shape.

1.Bring Out Your Best: Customizing Makeup to Fit Your Eye Shape

The key to flattering makeup is customizing it to your eye shape. Luckily, there are simple tips and tricks you can use to bring out the best in your eyes!

  • Round Eyes – Lengthen the shape of your eyes with elongated cat-eye wings. Balance the look by applying a thick line of eyeliner and long lashes.
  • Almond Eyes – Make this shape pop with a sharp, winged eyeliner look. Groom your brows and use thick lashes to define the eyes.
  • Hooded Eyes – Brighten up this shape with neutral shadow and bronze tones near the lash line. Complement your look with a light mauve shade along your lower lash line.
  • Monolid Eyes – Define the shape of your eyes by using a dotted eyeliner technique. Add depth and definition with a blend of natural shades.
  • No matter your eye shape, be sure to stay within the natural line of your eye for a timeless look that adds dimension and brings out your best. Makeup application tips for specific eye types will ensure you look polished and professional.

    It’s easy to customize your makeup to accentuate your eye shape. Knowing what works best for your eyes and the basics for each shape will give your makeup look the extra punch it needs.

    2.Enhancing Eyeshadow & Lining for Almond Eyes

    Almond eyes are arguably the most beautiful eye shapes out there. To highlight them, look to shadow and eyeliners with one simple core technique: blending. Before hopping into the makeup, ensure your skin is well moisturized, and prepared with a powder base if necessary.


    • Using natural, soft colors such as browns and taupes, use the blending brush to evenly scatter the color onto the lid. Start at the inner corner, closer to the nose, and brush it outward towards the end, creating a light gradient.
    • If you prefer a little more alluring look, opt for a medium brown on the outer corner and a light brown on the inner corner, creating a slight dip of color on the lower lid.
    • Apply a lighter shimmery color to the crease and upper lid. You can even apply it to the bridge of the nose, to give it a subtle widening effect.
    • For an extra glisten, pat a shimmer shade onto the center of your eyelid.


    • If winged eyeliner isn’t your thing, trace a thick line along your lash line, start from the inner corner and draw it slightly upwards and outwards, making the line thicker when you reach the outer corner.
    • Smudge or blend the line to smudge out harsh lines, or use a thinner brush for a darker, more vivid look.
    • To further enhance your eyes, add some kohl eyeliner on the inner corner, making a mini cat-eye. You can complete the look with a dab of white eyeliner in the inner corner.
    • Finish the look with several coats of mascara to make your eyes stand out.

    With these few simple steps, you’ll have a look that will make your almond eyes pop!

    3.Optimizing Mascara for Round Peepers

    Applying mascara is a great way to bring instant attention to the eyes. But if you have round eyes, you have to be extra careful while applying mascara, so it enhances the eyes and doesn’t make it look too garish. Below are a few useful tips to help you optimise your mascara for round-shaped peepers.

    • Focus on the ends. When it comes to your eye shape, focus on making the outer corners look darker and more prominent. Curl the lashes at the ends and use an eyelash curler for the same to maximise the effect of the mascara in the outer corners. Doing this gives the appearance of a wide-eyed, playful look.
    • Use plenty of mascara. Using multiple coats of mascara helps build up the length and volume of your lashes, and you can easily work with layers to make them look the way you want. Since you want the outer corners to look darker, make sure you have a few more coats there to add drama without making it look too exaggerated.
    • Try different wands. Different mascara wand shapes can give you the effect you want. You might want to experiment with a comb-like wand or one with longer bristles or a conical wand tip to create the desired look. A comb-like wand is especially great for round eyes, as it helps separate and lengthen the lashes.
    • Avoid the spider leg look. To avoid the spider leg effect, make sure to avoid over-applying the mascara and to use the basics of combing and layering. Guide the mascara wand from the base of your lashes to the tips and focus on adding layers to the outside corner of your eyes to make them look elongated.

    If done right, mascara can make your eyes look amazing with no effort. Just take into consideration your eye shape and the type of mascara wand you use, and you can easily flaunt beautiful looking eyes!

    4.Adding Eyeliner Flair to Hooded Lids

    For hooded eyes, perfectly applied makeup can help bring out your natural beauty and make your eyes the focal point of your look, and eyeliner can help add some extra pop. Here are a few suggestions for giving your hooded lids an instant eye boost when it comes to eye makeup:

    • Go with a gel eyeliner. The creamy texture allows it to glide on easily, but stays put all day. Plus, you can use it to create precise lines without any of the hassle.
    • Embrace a smudged eyeliner look. You can create an effortless smoky eye by smudging Kohl eyeliner at the upper and lower lash lines. Just make sure to blend it out for an easy-on-the-eye look.
    • Experiment with the cat eye. To give your hooded lids a lift, try tightlining your outer waterline and create a slight wing pointing upwards.

    Be creative with your colours. Playing around with different hues of eyeshadow and eyeliner is an easy way to add some extra pizazz to your looks. Smudging a neutral brown or a charcoal eyeliner at the upper and lower lash line helps with the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes.

    Go for waterproof formulas. Waterproof formulas are great for creating longlasting eyeliner looks without the need for touchups throughout the day. Look for high-performance eyeliner and shadow products that won’t melt or smudge away.

    Creating your perfect look is all about finding the right balance for your natural beauty. Whatever your eye shape, you’ll find makeup techniques designed to show off the best of your features and bring your look to life. So explore the range of customized techniques and you’ll be surprised by the results!

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