Eyes that Pop: Essential Eyeshadow Techniques

Are you looking to make your eyes really stand out? Irrespective of whether you are a makeup enthusiast or a novice, there are essential eyeshadow techniques – or tricks of the trade – that will get your eyes popping. Read ahead to find out more!

1. Color-Coding Your Lids – Nailing the Basics of Eyeshadow Application

Eyeshadow is one of the most fun and rewarding aspects of applying makeup, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of colors, types, and application techniques. To help make the process more straightforward, it can be helpful to create a color-coding system.

Start the process by choosing 3-4 colors for your base Shadow. Neutral shades like beige, brown, and gray are always a safe bet, while blue and green are perfect for creating a bold statement. Then, it’s time to use your ULs:

  • Lid: layer your lightest base shade across the entire lid.
  • Crease: use your middle base shade in the crease of your eye, but avoid the area closest to your brow.
  • Outer V/corner: use your darkest base shade to add depth by applying it to the outer corner of your eye and the area below the corner of your lid.

It’s important to use a light hand with application and build up the color slowly to create a soft, blended finish. If the color is too light for your liking, simply layer on more until you reach your desired shade. However, be careful to not overload the color, as this can create a too intense look.

Once your base shades are done, you can add in extra pops of color with accent shades. Consider layering shimmery shades over matte ones to create added dimension. Additionally, mix your shades together to achieve unique colors that can add a truly unique look to your makeup.

2. Glam Up Your Gaze – Enhancing With Bold Colors and Shimmery Shadows

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to put the spotlight on your eyes, go bold with color and add shimmery shadows to enhance them. Eye-catching makeup can make you stand out and show off your confident and daring attitude.

To glam up your gaze, start by picking out a few colors to build upon. Choose bold colors that will both complement your outfit and work with your eye color. Dark purple, royal blue, and rich green are all universal colors that can help to define your look.

Once you’ve chosen your colors, the next step is to apply a shimmery shadow. Sparkles or shimmer can add an extra bit of glamour to your look that will create an unforgettable impression. Choose a hue that at least blends with the colors you applied previously.

For the perfect final touch, emphasize your lashes with a few coats of volumizing mascara. Here are a few tips when choosing the right mascara:

  • Choose a water-resistant formula that will last throughout the night.
  • Apply one or two coats depending on your desired intensity.
  • Curl your lashes to add definition.

Putting together a daring and interesting look doesn’t have to be daunting when you know what kind of makeup to use. Combining bold colors with shimmery shadows and mascara can create the perfect eye-catching look.

3. Defining Your Creases – Eye-Opening Effects of the Perfect Contour

The perfect contour isn’t just about eye-catching looks – it can also have a powerful effect on how your eyes look and feel. When you learn how to define your creases, the results can be eye-opening!

  • Achieve an Eye-Opening Wing: Figuring out the contour of your eyes can help you achieve a perfect wing along your upper lash line. This will give your eyes (and, by extension, your face) a more finished look.
  • Create More Definition: With the right crease definition, you can create more depth and definition in your eyes, highlighting your natural beauty and giving your eyes more shape and character.
  • Open Up Your Face: Because eyes are generally the focal point of a face, outlining the creases in your eyes is a great way to draw attention to your eyes and make them stand out. It’s an ideal trick for those wanting to open up their facial structure.

Of course, defining your creases is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and practice. Not only must you find the perfect shape and depth for your creases, but you must also consider which colors, textures, and techniques are best for your particular eye shape.

By taking the time to define your creases, however, you’ll set yourself up for amazing success with makeup. Redefined creases can help you achieve a more professional look, draw attention to both your eyes and your facial structure, and look fabulous in any situation.

4. All That Jazz – Finishing Touches for Stand-Out Eyes

Give your eyes the grand finale, with these custom made touches to take your look to the next level.

  • Flaws be gone! Amp up your eyes with a concealer for an even finish. Start with the sloped side of the applicator around the eyelid and work your way outwards with the pointed end to get the cleanest look.
  • Once complete, brighten the eyes further with an ivory coloured eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes for a subtle sheen.
  • Beyond colour, adding some texture to your look with a fineline eyeliner for definition can help bring any eye look together. Start underneath the eyes and create a suble wing for an enchanting effect.
  • Finally, bring the entire look together with a swipe of black mascara. Curl your lashes beforehand if you want to create a dramatic effect.

All done! The jazzed up eyes will speak louder than words and have all heads turning your way.

You can now take your eyeshadow art to the next level by following these essential eyeshadow techniques. With the tips and techniques we’ve shared, you’ll be ready to captivate an audience with eyes that truly pop!

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